Os Gemeos – the twins grafitti

Staff Diary
os gemeos – Sao Paulo – Brasil

Humans have been drawing (or tagging ) walls for as long as they have existed .  I can remember my history teacher showing those drawing pictures of cows , fire ,warriors , etc , in caves somewhere around the world  .  Even me used to draw , in secret from my Mom , in the walls of the house . The only problem …it was easy to find out who did the drawing  .  It was a kind of painful experience .
Some says modern grafitti art started around in the 1960’s ( I don’t understand what is the difference between modern and old ) but 2 guys called OS GEMEOS  always keep my attention when I walk around the streets of Sao Paulo ,Brasil . Their drawing or tagging (whatever ) shows real life at the same time fantasy .  All those images get stuck in my mind  (if that’s their main purpose , they did a good job ) , a lot of colors , pollution  , messy , organized , fantasy , tragedy , soccer , homeless , smile ,  paradise , and a buck of other things …
Here are some of their works …maybe you can get what I mean :


os gemeos





” Dream is not a dream when you live a dream alone” –


Sao Paulo streets


os gemeos


all pictures from “OS GEMEOS”

Big cheers for ” Os Gemeos ” and all those mans who used to make drawings in the caves !!!