GAMMEL DANSK to recover the energies ガンメル ダンスクで元気復活


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   If you spend the whole weekend and the holiday yesterday ( 23rd nov, tues ) drinking , and you are not feeling so good . Don’t be disappointed .
   We would recommend something that invigorates , restores and refreshes your body to keep going for the rest of the week .
   A bitters like GAMMEL DANSK would be perfect for you . Gammel Dansk is a Danish alcoholic beverage and many people says it is the essence of Denmark . Gammel Dansk means “ OLD DANISH “ in English .
   Gammel Dansk is made of 26 types of herbs , here is some of the herbs and its properties :

ANGELICA – An age-old ingredient in distilled spirits. Besides its sweet, spicy taste, the root was also believed to be effective against the plague, indigestion and cold sweat.

STAR ANISE – Renowned and treasured Asian spice. An early ingredient in distilled spirits, it was said to promote both appetite and digestion.

NUTMEG – We use both seed and pulp. According to superstition, nutmeg was known for enhancing the enjoyment of alcoholic beverages and as an aphrodisiac.

ANISE – Aniseed is used to enhance the taste of GAMMEL DANSK. According to folklore, anise was also thought, among other things, to be of value as an aphrodisiac.

GINGER – Hot spicy root, used both as a spice and a folk medicine. Old medical books prescribed ginger to treat nausea and inhibit the smell of garlic.

ROWANBERRY – Properly used, rowan-berries make a fine contribution to the unique taste of GAMMEL DANSK. According to superstition, the berries were also capable of warding off witchcraft

LAUREL – A wonderful spice – and a mark of distinction when tied in a garland. We use the leaves of the plant, bay leaves, which in olden days were also believed to stimulate digestion and relax muscles.

GENTIAN – The root is a regular ingredient in bitters. Healers believed it stimulated digestion and appetite. The wild plant can live for as long as 60 years.

SEVILLE ORANGE – A wild orange originating the Himalayas. Aromatic and bitter – and with an oil that previously had a reputation for being effective against colic and pain in the side and for stimulating appetite.

CINNAMON – In medicine it acts like other volatile oils and once had a reputation as a cure for colds. It has also been used to treat diarrhea and other problems of the digestive system. Cinnamon is high in antioxidant activity. The essential oil of cinnamon also has antimicrobial properties, which can aid in the preservation of certain foods.”

*herbs info taken from


  On the label of GAMMEL DUNSK is written the phrase “Gør godt om morgenen, efter dagens dont, under jagten, på fisketuren, eller som aperitif” that means ” Gammel Dansk does you good in the morning , after the day’s work , when you go hunting , on a fishing trip , or as an aperitif  “
   So don’t hesitate to take a small glass and enjoy this Danish Bitters .

ガンメル ダンスクで元気復活





アンゼリカ 蒸留酒に非常に古くから使われている原料。甘さはさておき

スターアニス 有名で貴重なアジアのスパイス。蒸留酒に古くから使われている材料、

ナツメグ 種と茎の両方をつかいます。言い伝えによればアルコール飲料の快楽を増やし

アニス アニスシードはガンメルダンスクの味わいを高めるために使われています。

ジンジャー スパイスとして、また薬として使われる辛い根っこ。

ローワンベリー ガンメルダンスクのユニークな味わいを出すのに一役かっています。

ローレル すばらしいスパイス。そしてカンムリとして有名です。

ジェンシアン 根っこが苦みリキュールの原料です。ヒーラーは消化と食欲を刺激すると信じていました。野生のものは60年くらい生きながらえます。

セビルオレンジ ヒマラヤ生まれの野生のオレンジ。香りがよく苦い。以前は食欲増進と腹痛、脇腹の痛みに効果があると評判がありました。

シナモン 薬として揮発性の油のようにきき、風邪を治すといわれていました。

ハーブ情報は より

”朝、仕事の後、狩りに行くときに、釣りに行くときにまたは 食前酒として最高です”なんていうフレーズが



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