exhibition of the ” absinthe drinker ” – VICENT VAN GOGH – In Tokyo

Staff Diary

                  VAN GOGH : The adventure of becoming an artist , exhibition in Tokyo

      Now in Tokyo , until the end of this year we have a chance to see the exhibition of one of the most famous absinthe drinker in history . VICENT VAN GOGH.

     Vicent Van Gogh ( 30/03/1853 Netherlands ), had a short career  as an artist , only 10 years but he could able to make more than 800 paintings and 700 drawings .

     The most interesting part of the exhibition was when Van Gogh moved to Paris  and  start to change the color of his works . We can see that he had influence of the impressionism and even influence of the japanese Ukiyo-e .

     Enjoy the vivid colors of his work and maybe a glass of absinthe after the exhibition . Unfortunately they don’t have absinthe in the Museum Cafe .

     “R” TRENCH

     Until 2010 / 12 / 20 at the NATIONAL ART CENTER TOKYO

– from the animated film “The Yellow House” based on the life of Vincent Van Gogh, showing the preparation of an absinthe. Produced by Peter Wilstermann.