Casino Royale Vesper Martini


As everyone is talking about the 007  recently because ot the new James Bond Sky Fall movie playing in Japan now we are having a slitly increasing in Martini orders .

That’s a wonderfull chance to try the Vesper martini wich still an almost forgotten cocktail among the japanese .

This variation on the Dry Martini is said to have been created by Gilberto Preti at Duke’s Hotel , London , for the author Ian Fleming ( first James Bond novel , Casino Royale , published in 1951 )

In the novel , Bond explains to a Casino bartender exactly how to make and serve the drink , ” In a deep champagne goblet . Three measures of Gordon’s gin , one of vodka , half a measure of Kina Lillet . Shake well until it’s ice-cold , then add a large slice of lemon peel .”

Well , We are in Japan , small martini glasses would suits better than a champagne goblet . For the Kina Lillet wich doesn’t exist anymore since 1986 , instead it became Lillet Blanc with a different recipe ,  after the company was bought by the french Boire family . We replaced it with Kina L’avion D’or by Tempus Fugit spirits . For the vodka instead of a Russian or Polish vodka we choosed the french Grey Goose . And to finish off our interpretation , for the gin we choosed , instead of gondon , the Berry Bro’s n 3 gin wich has a strong coriander and cardamon presence .



Vesper Martini

3 parts of n3 gin

1 part of Grey goose vodka

1/2 part of Kina L’avion D’or

Mix all ingredients in a mixing glass until it gets cold , pour in a martini glass . Add a large lemon peel .

For smaller martini glasses , all the measures are done by half .

The Vesper martini , in the novel , was named after the  agent Vesper Lynd , wich at the end , she turns out to be a double agent . James Bond last words in the book were ” The bitch is dead now ” and he never ordered a Vesper martini since then .


ps : since all 007 James Bond movies all umbelievable things were possible , the “Not stir , shaken please ” would be one of the impossible things . Sorry James , We Stir .