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Bar Tram

We have been listening about the new Emile Pernot Distillerie project since last year . And finally we had a chance to try it last month .  The Absinthe SAUVAGE 1804 .

“Sauvage” in French means wild or uncultivated . The name completly makes sense since Emile Pernot used the wild grown wormwood found in the mountains of Jura in France .  It must had been a hard process to find , cut and collect the enough amount of wormwood  located sporadic in the rocks of the mountains . Probably Dr Ordinaire (invertor of the Absinthe ) should had done the same hard work in the early days of absinthe over 200 years ago , before disttileries started to cultivated the wormwood in fields .


The recipe used was taken from a never commercialized 1804 manuscript in the Oxygenee collection .What makes the absinthe Sauvage 2 times special .

But that’s not all . Sauvage absinthe had been matured for 18 months ,  something different since usually others absinthe are bottleled within at most one or two months of distillation .







After the bottle was open , all the floral aroma filled the place .  The louche was slow and pleasent with which drop making a smoky little line towards the edge of the glass . The color was a not too heavy white greenysh like some absinthes but at the same time not too light . A wonderfull taste with the right balance of sweeteness and bitterness after taste . An extreme good absinthe .


Cheers for Sauvage !!!! Bar Trench