Asmund Special Gammel Dansk


Last year We had a post about the 26 types of herbs ” Old Danish ” bitter  Gammel Dansk . Some may remember the Label wich says ” Gammel Dansk does you good in the morning , after the day’s work , when you go hunting , on a fishing trip , or as an aperitif ” . Everything still doing all good all the time but even better .

In one of our trips to Europe last month , a short stop over in Denmark was enough to meet the new product of Danish Destillers Ltd (De Danske Spritfabrikker A/S ) , actually not so new …they have been making since 2007 , The Gammel Dansk  Asmund Special .

What is special about ” Asmund Special ” ? Try to think about  Gammel Dansk with all those herbs plus   Canadian maple syrup, Mexican vanilla, crushed Kenyan coffee and ground West African Forastero cocoa beans . All that complex taste got more complex but with a round smooth complexity . Plus Asmund Special is matured in a 350 litre french oak cognac barrels .



” Skol ” to the master blender  J.K. Asmund !!!


Bar Trench ( R )