SPEAKEASY COCKTAIL – An twist on the Sazerac


If Sazerac is your favorite drink and if you want to try something in the same line , this is “THE COCKTAIL”:   SPEAKEASY .

This recipe is a twist on Sazerac  adapted by the italian bartender Oscar Quagliarini from the Juleps New York bar in Milan . The cocktail Speakyeasy was soo good that I decided to make as well with some arrengements since we didn’t have the bitters from the original recipe . Instead we used Bob’s bitters . The result was awesome .

It is surprising how Ardbeg macthes well with all the ohters ingredients . We have the right amount of smokiness , the after taste is quite aromatic with the presence of chocolat , absinthe and the sweetness of Vanila .



first rinse an old fashioned glass with absinthe ( we used Artemisia Capricieuse 72) , then pour it out .

1 sugar cube
4 drops of Chocolate Bob’s bitters
4 drops of angostura

– in a mixinglass with the sugar cube and bitters , crush all ingredients . Add one spoon of  soda to dissolve better the sugar . Add some clear ice in the mixing glass .

40ml Ardbeg 10 years
1/2 bar spoon – Galliano

– ad the ingredients in the mixing glass and stir well .
– pour into the absinthe-rinsed old fashioned glass with ice .

garnish : flamed orange peel .

And then get ready to drink one atfer another .


      Thanks Oscar Quagliarini for this amazing cocktail .
       Cheers!!! Bar Trench Tokyo