DR MEDICINE # 2 – Grenadine Employees Only


The beginning of this year one of the  Bar Tram & Trench members had a chance to go to New York and visit many bars around town . We got a bunch of new gifts and one I would like to mention today is  the EMPLOYEES ONLY GRENADINE .

Employees Only(on the road since 2004) is a bar in New York which revives the speakyeasy era of cocktails with an adaptation for nowdays taste . They produce as well a range of artisanal products like Lime cordials , Bloody Mary mix , Grenadine and others .

The EO Grenadine is not only a color enhancer for cocktails . It has a deep spice flavour wich can give an enormous enhancing in your cocktails .

Just before we finish using the whole bottle I came up with this quick&easy to drink cocktail



– 15ml – dark aged rum ( I used Pampero )
– 10ml – angostura
– 15ml – EO Grenadine
– 10ml – Fresh lemon juice
–   8 dashes – Bob’s Bitters Orange&Mandarin
–  up with soda
–  Garnish – Orange Peel .

– Mix all ingredients in a shaker , shake well and pour in a chilled small rock glass . Add the soda . Add a small piece of ice . Garnish with Orange Peel .

This cocktail was created to be drunken quick&easy . When you add the soda a thick form will comes up which it will give an creamy sensation . Sweetness , sourness , bitterness will be all there . Like drinking a medicine with pleasure .
The alcoholl percentage is quite low  . In any need to have a bigger kick add more rum .


Cheers!!! Bar Trench (R)