Jamaican Beff Jerk Cocktail


It’s monday , first day of the week and  most of the bars around the world starts the night in a slow pace .
Tonight we start the night 20 minutes before we open with 2 long timers regulars .

Planning to go to dinner right after , the 2 regulars first&second drink were a Bloody Ceaser and then came the last request : can I have a smoky fresh soup kind of drink without tomato ?

Feeling that the dinner that night was going  to be posponed I came up with this monday starter of the week cocktail .

Jamaican Beef Jerk cocktail

-white jamaican rum (lemongrass infused) – 15ml
-vodka – 30 ml
-fresh squeeze grapefruit – 90 ml
-Laphroig 10 years – tea spoon
Bitter end Jamaican Jerk – 3 dashes
Celery Scrappy’s bitters– 2 dashes
-Garnish: mix of salt,blackpepper,celery salt- glass rim
-2nd Garnish : piece of beef jerk

.shake: rum,vodka,grapefruit,celery bitters and pour into a rock salt mix rimmed glass .
.add: 3 dashes of Jamaican jerk bitters & 1 tea spoon of Laphroig 10 years .
.Finalize with a piece of beff jerk for the costumer give a bite before drink .

And here we go. We have a smoky fresh soup kind of drink .

That’s our Monday starter cocktail .

Cheers!!! Bar Trench (R)

Ps: What’s happened with the costumers dinner? . It was canceled . And a couple of cocktail requests came after that .